Same 'Ol Song Buddah Bass ft. Tame'ra Antoine

by Buddah Bass ft. Tame'ra Antoine produced by J8S



Buddah Bass is an Energetic & Fun artist breathing positivity back into hip hop. "Same Ol Song" is Buddah's optimistic view of how to tackle life's struggle and stay ambitious!


released August 5, 2014



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Buddah Bass

Hold on Wait! U FEEL THAT!!! Oh That's What GOOD MUSIC FEELS LIKE!!!

Want a Break from the Norm and a chance to grow with the Music?!? Checkout Buddah Bass

A songwriter and lyricist at heart his songs often describe his confusion and clarity in ways people of all walks of life can relate to. "I Truly Love Music. I love Makin' people dance, Have fun and Think!"

Join the Movement!!!
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